You can use other companies [ normally legal companies]  to help you to register for GST registration or you can do the registration via the GST portal portal yourself.

To register yourself, you can follow the following steps:

 Log in to the online GST Portal (

 Fill Part-A of Form GST Registration form 1

This is how the GST Registration Form 1 looks like:

There are about 14 pages.

 You will receive an application reference number on your mobile and via E-mail.

 You will then need to fill the second part of the form and upload the required documents according to the business type

 Finally a certificate of registration is issued to you by the department

 In case of errors and questions, you may need to visit the department 

 Produce the documents within 7 working days along with GST REG-04.

 The office may also reject your application, if he finds any errors. You will be informed in form GST REG-05 of GST registration regarding the same.

The following are more details on the GST enrollment Under the GST Portal System:

  1. Username and Password
    An individual must create the Login ID and password on the GST website by using the provisional ID and password. A user must agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.

  2. Login
    At the login page, a user must provide the provisional ID that will be sent by SMS, mail, etc. from the Income Tax Department. Additionally, a captcha image would be used for additional verification.

  3. Verification of Credentials
    Post login, an ID verification page must be filled. Here an individual will be required to fill out a valid phone number and email address. An OTP will be generated on (both) the entered/registered email ID and phone number. This verification will be permanent and any changes that need to be made to phone number or email ID can happen only after April 2017.

  4. Answer 5 Security Questions
    Post OTP verification, a new password can be set. An individual will be required to mandatorily fill out a list of 5 security questions for additional security and password retrieval purposes.

  5. Enrollment Application
    The enrollment application termed as the ‘Provisional ID Enrollment’ will be on the dashboard of the welcome page. This application contains 8 slabs that indicate bank account details, verification, goods and services, principal and additional place of business, promoters/partners, business details and authorized signatory. All the details mentioned in the prerequisites such as photographs, account number, etc. need to be filled out in this section as and when applicable.

  6. Signature
    Once all the details are submitted, an individual will be required to verify those details one last time and affix his digital signature on the application in the form of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or Aadhaar based eSign. Following signing and sending the application, the applicant will receive an acknowledgment (of application) and Application Receipt Number (ARN) for further application queries within 15 minutes of Submission.