> The user role means that you can set your staff or other users from accessing to the other sub-sub-modules. For example, you restrict staff to view the entire staff of your company's payroll. You can set it here.

> To update user role, click Global Configuration>Users>View List.

> After finish, you can see the following screen:

> Select the staff that you want to update the user roles.

> Click "Details" the staff that you choose.

> After that click "Update User Roles" as shown below.

> Wait for a couple of minutes until the following screen appeared:

> It have two ways to update the user roles:

   1. Modify Legacy - you can update user roles by module.

   2. Modify - you can update user roles in specific.

> Now go to Modify Legacy firstly.

> Click on "Modify Legacy".

After that, you can see this following screen below:

> You can select which module can be assigned as admin and staff for your staff.

> After that, click "update role(s)".

> Now look at "Modify".

> Once done click, the screen will shown like that:

> Now you can update user roles such as organizationcharts and staffs.

> Once done, click "update user role(s)".