When you’ve login to financial module, click “Claims” to access Staff Claim module. In this module, you can view all claims submitted by your staff. 

1.    If you would like to submit new claim, click on the “Add” link (see above)


2. Then, fill in the relevant information. After filling in all required information, click the “Create” link. For your information, you can choose the relevant “Advance” if the claim is for the advance which has been obtained earlier. If the claim is made based on staff movement, relevant movement can be chosen from the drop down link.

3. You can view the screen as per following picture.

4. Item is referring to things used such as fuel, toll, etc. While amount refers to the amount paid. If there are any additional item, you can click on “+” link and then click the “Save” link.

5. You can see the data which have been keyed in. Then, you can “Edit” for modification or “Delete” erase any wrong data.