> To change username and password, click global configuration.

> Go to “Account” as shown in the picture below:

Picture 4.1: “Account”

1. Change Username

> Click on “Change Email” to change your email address.

> You are required to input your new email address.

> Please ensure that your email is spelled correctly as all email notifications regarding OfficeCentral will be sent to this email.

> Your username remains the original username eventhough you changed your email here.

> Please fill in the username and old password in each field respectively.

> After finish, click submit.

2. Change password

> Click on “Change Password” to change your password.

> After click on “Change Password” , you will reach the following screen:

> Please put in your old password in the “Old Password” field and the new password in “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields.

> Once completed, click the “Submit” link at the bottom of the page.