You can see from the picture above that there is few types of “Feasibility Studies” are listed at the bottom left of the page
  • Click on any “Feasibility Studies” types to see if there is any details have been added.
  • For example, there is no “Feasibility Study” for the “Electrical”

To add information into any “Feasibility Studies”, click on the “+Feasibility Study” button as shown above
  • For example, if you want to add “Feasibility Study” for “Electrical”, click on the “Electrical” and then click on the “+Feasibility Study” button

Feasibility Study “Create” page shows “Feasibility Study Type” and the description.
  • By default, if you choose to add for “Electrical” in the “Application Details” page before, then the “Feasibility Study Type” will be “Electrical” 
  • Click “Submit” button to save the feasibility study information 
You can view the information created in the "Feasibility Studies"

The information entered for “Feasibility Studies” on “Electrical” is shown on the “Application Details” page
  • To see the details, click on “View” button

In “Feasibility Study Details” page you can also upload any documents related.