Only Admin can approve any Applications.

After an Applicant submit an application, the application will be in "Pending" status.

As Admin, list of Applications with Approval Status on admin’s “Applications” page as shown below.

From here admin can click :

  • “Approve” button to approve an application
  • “Reject” button to reject an application
  • “View” button to view details of an application
  • “Call for Meeting” to have a meeting to decide on the approval status 

A prompt page entitled “Approve Application” will appear after the “Admin” click on the “Approve” button

Here, “Admin” can :

  • write a remarks for the application, and
  • also “Create a New Project” directly by using the “Application” data given before.

After fill in the information needed, “Admin” need to click on:

  • “Submit” button to submit the approval of the application, or
  • “Cancel” button to cancel the actions

As shown above, the status of an “Application” that has been approved will be updated on the “Applications” list.