> By inserting your staff data into OfficeCentral, all important data are kept inside the system and will make it easy for you to access to your data in future. This will save your time as all data can be found digitally and you do not have to open any physical files.

> Go to "Staff", click on “View List”

> Here, you can view the list of staff currently available in your company.

> To add new staff, click "ADD".

> Then you can see the following screen:

> Firstly, go to tab Staff Information. Put in all information of the staff like basic information, job information, probation information, personal information and other information.

> After finished, click "Save".

> Then you can see the following screen:

> To add another information, click "More Information" in the left side.

> After that, you will reach the following screen:

> In the red box above, you can see that you can add information such as contract details, educations, course and etc.

> After finished all, click "Save".