> There are two ways to approve course application which is by approver and supervisor.

> Firstly, let's see how to approve course application by approver.

> Go to "Courses", the click "Approve Applications".

> Now you will reach the following screen:

> Select the course application that you want to approved for that staff. Click "Approve" .

> You will reach to add remarks before approve again. Then, click "Approve", same as to approve leave application.

> Then we will see the status of course application has been approved.

> Now let's look how to approve course by supervisor. Go to "Courses", under "Supervisee", click "View Applications" .

> After click it, you will see next page which is:

> If your supervisee has apply course application, you will see in that above picture.

> If you want to approve, click "Approve" similar with step to approve course application by approver view.