To create a new Purchase Order, you have two (2) choices whether “Add New” (Personal) or “Add New” (Overall). as shown in the picture below:

Picture 2.2.1: Menu under Purchase Orders in Procurement module

When you clicked on “Add New”, you will reach to the following screen where you need to put in the supplier information and also the procurement information:

Picture 2.2.2: The screenshot of the page “Issue New Purchase Order” after clicking on “Add New”


Key in the reference number of the quotation submitted by your supplier for this purchase.
Choose the supplier’s account name. If this is a new supplier, you need to add a new supplier under the CRM module (Accounts).
Please insert the subject of the Purchase Order.
Please put in the name of the Person In Charge of this Purchase Order.
Please choose the project association with this Purchase Order (if any).
Please choose the delivery method of the purchase.
If this is purchase involves import/export, please key in the FOB port name.

After you have completed filling up the information as per the previous picture, you will need to put in the billing information and shipping information.

Billing Information

Shipping Information

The information that the supplier will use in order to prepare and submit their invoice
The information to be used by the supplier for deliver of the goods/services purchased.

Picture 2.2.3: Putting in the billing and shipping information.


Please select your staff’s name that is in charge of this procurement for billing matters.
Please enter the name of the person who is in charge of payment purposes if you select “Others”.
Please enter the name of the company that will pay for the procurement. It normally is the name of your company. The supplier will generate their invoice using the information here.
Please select the name of your staff in charge to accept the delivery of the goods/services ordered.
Please enter the name of the person in charge of accepting the goods/services ordered if you select “Others”.
Please enter the name of the company that will accept/receive the goods/services ordered. It normally is your company’s name.

After you have completed all the information required, you need to add the items that you would like to purchase. You can scroll down and see the following screen:


Picture 2.2.4: Adding new items

You can insert the quantity of the goods/services, items information, prices and more.

If you are purchasing the items that you have listed in Pricebook in CRM module, you can just type in and select the items using the drop down of Custom Product. This will automatically populates all the fields based on the information already available in the Pricebook, it will save your time. Otherwise, you can fill up the Code, Name and Description of the goods/services manually. After complete key in the information, please click “Save”.

After you click the “Save” button, you will see this page.


After you click 'Back to list', you will be able to see the following page:

Picture 2.2.5: List of Purchase Order


Here you can choose whether to edit, delete and view details of this purchase order. However, you can only delete a Purchase Order if there is no “Received Delivery Order” or “Received Invoices” created for the selected Purchase Order.
Here you can download the purchase order. You can choose whether
Once the Purchase Order is confirmed, you need to finalize the Purchase Order to disable any editing/changes made to the Purchase Order.