To create “Received Invoice”, you need to click on Details in the list of Purchase Orders.

Picture 2.3.1: List of Purchase Orders

Once the Purchase Order is confirmed, you need to finalize the Purchase Order to disable any editing/changes made to the Purchase Order.

Please be informed that you are required to finalize the Purchase Order first before you are able to generate “Received Invoice”.

You can edit the Purchase Order by clicking the “Edit” button.

You can delete the Purchase Order by clicking the “Delete” button. However, you can only delete a Purchase Order if there is no “Received Invoices” created for the selected Purchase Order.

After you have clicked the Details button, you will arrive to the following page:

Picture 2.3.2: Purchase Order Details Page

In order to generate Received Invoice, just click on the button “Receive Invoice” on the top right hand corner in Picture 2.3.2. You will reach to the following screen:

Picture 2.3.4: Generate Receive Invoice screen.

Here, you need to enter the invoice’s reference number which you received from the supplier and the invoice amount, together with the quantity of the goods/services that is charged in the particular invoice. Click “Save” to submit the information to the system.