In the sub module Account, you can change the password of your login, change the email and also change the username.

First go to Global Configurations > click Account. You also can click on this link to go to that page :

After you have gone to the “Settings” menu, go to “Account” you will see the picture below:

Picture 4.1.1: “Settings” > “Account"


Click here to change your username.
Click “Change Password” to change your password.
Click here to change your email. This email will be used to send General Ledger report and Aging report.


To change username, please follow the steps as follow:

  • Click on “Change Email” to change your email address. You are required to input your new email address.
  • Please ensure that your email is spelled correctly as all email notifications regarding OfficeCentral will be sent to this email.
  • If you change the email, it will automatically change your username.

After click Change Username, you will be see the following page:

Picture 4.1.2: Change username and email


  • A
Click Change Username.
  • B
You are required to input your new email address.
  • C
Please key in your old password.
  • D
After key in new email and old password, please click Submit.


To change password, please follow the steps as follow:

  • You can change your password if you feel your password has been compromised.
  • You will need to fill in the current password and the new password. The new password has to be entered twice in order to confirm it. (New Password & Confirm New Password)
  • Once completed, click the “Submit” link at the bottom of the page.
  • With this, your password has been changed. You’ll require the new password to login to OfficeCentral system in the next session.


Click Change Password.
Please put in your old password in the Old Password field.
Please put in the new password in New Password field.
Please put in Confirm New Password field. You must make sure this field same as new password.
After done, please click Submit.

f you have access to more than one company with the same username, go to “Login profile” and choose which profile you would like to use and click just click on the blue link.