> Go to "Global Configuration" and click "company profile".

> Now you have reach the following screen:

> Firstly, go to tab "basic".

> Fill in the name of your company.

> Fill in phone number for your company.

> Fill in registration no. of your company.

> Other than that, email of your company has to been input as well.

> After finish, clik "save changes". 

> Secondly, go to tab "logo"

> You also can add logo into this OfficeCentral.

> If yo have logo, click "choose file" from your devices. Select the logo, then click "Ok".

> After that, click "upload" as shown in the picture below:

> Click "save changes". 

> Now go to next tab "GST"

> If your company registered with GST, you should settings for this tab.

> Make sure fill in GST No. that you have been registered. 

> Date of GST Verified and Date of GST Effective also important. Select the date carefully.

> Choose your GST period and click "save changes".

> Next tab is "Financial" .

> Make sure you input payment information such as payable to, bank name and bank account no. It can use for invoicing purpose.

> If you want to add EPF Number, SOSCO number, Income Tax Number, Zakat Number, Tabung Haji Number and Paypal Email, you can put in the financial information section.

> After that, click "save changes"


> The last tab is "Languange and Culture". Click on that.

> Now you can see the following screen:

> The picture above shows list of languange and culture that you can select.

> After finish all, click "save changes".