1. Registration

For those who do not have a username, you can register by clicking the link "Register Free Trial" and enter the required data. Your email will be used as username. The trial version will be provided with 3 license credit for free for a month. This allows you to use 3 users for a month.

Picture 2.2.1 – Register account


Click here to register new free trial account.


Please choose your country. For example you can choose Malaysia.
Key in your name.
For registration information, please key in email that you use. You MUST have access to this email.
For Password field, please key in new password. Please ensure that you remember your password.
For Confirm Password field please key in the same password. This function is crucial to verify the password you keyed in (F). Please click the Click Here to Register button.
For Company Name, please key in your actual company name.
After key in all the information, please click Sign up.

For user without an account, you will need to register to become a valid user. This is important to allow you to log in to the system.

Note: If you already have an OfficeCentral account previously with the same email, your password will follow the old password and not the new password.

2. Login


Picture 2.1.1 – Login to OfficeCentral



Please login using your registered password.


Please login using your registered email address.


To login to the system, please go to http://v2.officecentral.asia  then key in your username and password to access OfficeCentral system.

(ii) WHY?

By using the username and password, only you can access your account. Please ensure that you do not share your password with others to prevent abuse of the account(s) and data. If you are concerned that your password has been compromised, you can change your password upon logging in to the system.