There are two sources for Work Request, which is public complaint & internal add. Public complaint generate work request from URL provided. Internal add is done by admin.

1. To view list of Work Request, go to "Maintenance Management", select "Work Requests", then click "View All".

2. You can add new work request by clicking"+ADD".

3. For further action of a work request, click "Details" in action panel.

4. First, you have to assign the work request to a staff. Select a staff and category of the request.

5. Once you have done, click "Assign". (To re-assign the work request to other staff, click on number 1 under Assign panel again.)

6. Second, inspection have to be done by the staff.

7. Fill in required information and select "Recommended" if the request should proceed to a Work Order. Click "Report" to proceed.

8. Third, you have to verify the inspection report. Select either "Verify" or "Verify and waiting for approval". Then, click "Verify".

9. To raise a Work Order from this Work Request, click "Click here to raise work order".

10. You will be re-directed to Work Order sub-module, same as page above. Fill in required information.

11. Click "Save" once you have done.

12. You have handled a Work Request.