There are two sources for Work Order, which is from Work Request & internal add.  Internal add is done by admin.

1. To view list of Work Order, go to "Maintenance Management", select "Work Order", then click "View All".

2. Admin may add a Work Order by clicking "+ADD" on top left of the page.

3. For further action of a Work Order created, click "Details" in action panel.

4. First you have to assign this Work Order to someone. They could be internally, registered contractor or external service provider. Click one of them,         Select a staff. Then, click "Assign" to proceed.

5. Second, you have to record any labour hours, materials used or any direct issues. To add a record, click any of the respective panel. Click the panel        inside the box to begin adding a record.

(Record labour)

(Record materials used)

(Record direct issues)

6. Once you have done, click "Report".

7. Third, you have to report. Fill in required information. Then, click "Report".

8. Finally, you have to verify the Work Order report.

9. Tick box of "Send rating survey to requester" to send rating question.

10. Click "Verify" to finalize the Work Order.