You need to have "Property" and "Tenant" information before you can enter information about tenancy.

1. Go to "Property Management", select "Properties", then click "Tenancies".

2. If you already have a tenancy, you can upload Letter of Offer and Agreement Doc.

3. To add a tenancy, click "+ADD".

4. Fill up all required information.

Property Id

Select the respective property Id.

Tenant Id

Select the respective tenant Id.

Agreement date from

Select the date start.

Agreement date to

Select the date end.

Rental Date

Choose the rental date.

Deposit amount

Key in the deposit amount. (Optional)


Enter any conditions. (Optional)

***Tick Auto Generate Rental Invoice at the bottom of the page to do auto generate rental invoice.

5. Tick "Auto Generate Rental Invoice" if you want system to auto generate rental invoice for this particular tenancy.

6. Once you have done, click "Save" to upload.