Yes, you can. Scheduler features in AssetCentral allows you to generate work orders on schedule automatically. To do so:

1. Go to "Maintenance Management", select "Settings", then select "Scheduler", then click "Add New".

2. Fill in name, priority, "Scheduler End Date", "Days Estimated", "Hours Estimated", "No of Staff"(Optional) and "Description"(Optional). Remember to select and add an asset that should be associated with this scheduler.

3. Click "Save" after you have done.

4. Click "Back to List".

5. For the schedule, click "Details" under the action panel.

6. Click "+Add Time-Based Process" button on top right corner panel.

7. Select preferred time-based process. Click "Create" to save the schedule.

8. Now you have schedule that will automatically create a work order on the selected date. 

9. To delete this particular schedule, click "Delete" under the action panel.