Procurement module is used to manage procurement information and to generate Purchase Orders by an organization to purchase goods and services from supplier. In this module, you can generate Purchase Orders to be given to your supplier. For each purchases, you can generate “Received Delivery Order” and “Received Invoices” so that you can track the stages of your procurement.

 The process of the procurement module is as below:

To access this module, click on the “Procurement” module and you will reach to the following screen:

Picture 2.1.1: Menu available under Procurement module

You will see in the purchase order got 2 lists of header which are (Personal) and (Overall). The differences between Personal and Overall are:

View List/My List
You will only see transaction create by your own.
You will see all the transaction created by all staff in the company.
Add New
You will create Purchase Order for yourself.
You can create Purchase Order on behalf of other staff.

Note: The OVERALL part will only see by admin.