Here you can view the salary for all staff in your company. All the information regarding their salary such as upl, deduction, gross salary, net salary, etc are being recorded in salary slips and are displayed here.

1. To access this page, you need to go to “SALARY SLIPS” and click on “VIEW LIST (overall)”.

2. Then you will be able to view the page below:


You can click “PROCESS” to process a new salary slip.
You can click on “FINALIZE SLIPS” if you want to finalize salary slips in bulk. Once you finalize, you cannot edit the salary slip.
To enable salary slips can be delete, you can click on “UNFINALIZE SLIPS” if you want to unfinalize salary slips in bulk.
If you made a mistake in processing the staff salary, you can click on “DELETE” to erase the salary slips in bulk.
You can click on “DOWNLOAD MONTHLY SUMMARY REPORT” to download all the summary report.
You can click on “DOWNLOAD SALARY REPORT” to download all the information staff by their salary report.
You can click on “DETAIL” button to view details of salary information.
After you finalize, you can “UNFINALIZE” by individual if you want to make an adjustment for individual staff.
You can also download staff’s salary slip by clicking on “PDF” format and “EXCEL” format. Staff with access of the system can download their salary slip in PDF format only.