Activities is where you can key in all the activities that been done by your workers into the system. To access the activities, you can go to Commodities, choose Configurations and click Activities.


To add new activity, there are two methods:

1. You can click on +Add New

Then, you will see the following page:


Insert activity name
Choose the activity ratePilih kadar untuk aktiviti
Insert price or rate in RM
Limit per consignment per person
Insert type of plant
After that, click Add to add new this activity
Click on Cancel if you want to terminate the changes

2. You can click on button + on the right side and choose New Activity.

After you click on New Activity, you will be see the new page which is same with in method 1.


Import activities is where you can import all the activities from existing file in Excel. This method will ease user from key in all the activities on-by-one into the system. If you already have existing activity in Excel File,  you just can import to the system.

To import existing activity, you can click in +Import Activities as follow:

After you click on +Import Activities button, you will see the following :

How to import Excel File into the system:

1. All the data that you want to import must follow the real format provided by the system:


2. Click Select File to choose file from your computer:

3. Click Submit to import the file into the system:

If you want to delete the activities, you can click on Delete in Actions.

Note: If the activity have been used in workers attendance, you cannot delete.

To edit, click to the name that you want to modify. Insert new name, then click  to continue the changes.  Click   to cancel the changes.

Besides that, you also can edit Activity Rate Unit, Price / Unit and Plant by click on the name, choose the new item, then click  to continue the changes. Click to cancel the changes.