Here, you can set whether you would like to enforce budget on CRM, Accounting and Procurement modules or not. The system will automatically enforce budget and users are required to select a budget code while making transactions in CRM (Invoice, Receipt), Finance (Payment Voucher, Petty Cash Voucher), Accounting (Invoice, Receipt) and Procurement (Purchase Order, Received Invoice) modules:

1. Select “CONFIGURATIONS” and click on “SETTINGS”.

2.After you click the button, you will see this page.

3. You may choose “Enforce” or “Do not enforce” depending on your business operation requirements. If you choose “Enforce”, it means you are required to select budget code when doing transactions in CRM, Finance, Accounting and Procurement and this will be recorded and reflected in Budget Module Dashboard. Whereas, if you choose “Do not enforce”, budget for any transactions will not be recorded and you will not be required to select budget code when doing transactions.