In this module, you can set approvers in order to approve budget applications and virement application. This way, you can have your own approval workflow. You can have multiple levels of approval and multiple approvers on one level. To set approver, please follow the guide below:

1. Select “CONFIGURATIONS” and click on “APPROVER”.

2. After you click the button, you will see this page. Please select which sub-module you want to set approver. Please select which staff you want to set approver and click on “Set Staff Approver” as per the picture below.

3. When you click on “Set Staff Approver”, you can choose which staff that will be the approver for the selected staff for budget application approval and virement application approval. You will reach to the following screen:


To add approver, click Add Approver button.


To delete. click ‘X’ button.

4. Click on “Add Approver” and you will reach to the following screen.

5. Here, you can set the approver for all staffs in your company. You can have multiple levels of approvals and also multiple approvers on one level. Please select the level of approval that you want to choose and select the name of approver that you would like to add on that level. If you have set then you need to click the "SAVE" button to save changes.

6. You can continue doing the same method for Virement Approver settings.