In this system, you may also record transaction for renewal of deposit. Renewal of deposit is a process whereby the deposit holder continues with the deposit for an additional time period after the completion of the initial time period of investment.

1. If you want to generate deposit renewal, you may click “Renew”.

2. Then, a pop-out window will appear as shown below, please fill in all required information for renewal of deposit:


System will create new investment by using principal amount from current investment.



Amount withdraw will be auto generated based on maturity date, if the amount is different, you may edit the amount.


This is the investment account based on what you have chosen in the current investment.


Fill in the placement letter number received from the bank for deposit renewal.


Fill in the certification number received from the bank for deposit renewal.


Fill in the interest rate for the investment for deposit renewal.


Fill in the terms in days. For example, 1 year = 365 days 


Select the effective date of the deposit renewal.


Select the maturity date of the investment for deposit renewal.

3. When you have renewed the transaction, system will automatically changed the previous investment to “INACTIVE” and create a new “ACTIVE” investment. You can see as shown below: 

4. The previous investment transaction would only create profit amount for the withdrawal and does not include the principal amount.

5. Whereas, if you click “Details” on the newly renewed transaction, it will automatically display “Pay in to Investment transaction.” This transaction does not create another issue payment transaction as the previous transaction has already issued the payment.