In this system, you can record for withdraw transaction for the investment by clicking on “Stop”. The withdrawal can be early or withdraw on the maturity date. 

1. By clicking “Stop”, meaning you would like to withdraw all the investment money along with the profit gained.

2. When you have clicked “Stop”, a pop-out window will appear as shown belowDescription:


Amount withdraw will be auto generated based on maturity date, if the amount is different, you may edit the amount.


Choose the date of the withdrawal, you may leave it empty if the date is today’s date. 


After you have filled in all related information, you can click “Save”

3. System will automatically create “Issue Receipt” transactions in accounting module as shown in the picture below. You can view details of that transaction by clicking pencil button under the Action section. This is to record profit gained for that investment along with investment money.

4.You will be directed to issue receipt page and you may revise and “Approve” issue receipt transactions at accounting module to record in accounting reports:

-Issue receipt page in Accounting module-