Answer : Before you use automated accounting, you must setting it first. In settings, user can set for report, country rules and set other modules to accounting. In order to start using the Automated Accounting, you will need to configure your accounting module to allow automatic creation of Charts of Accounts and also transactions from other modules to Accounting module. This can be set in Accounting model. Refer step and figure below : 

1.    To access this module, you can go to Accounting > Configurations > and click on Settings as picture below: 

2.    Here the settings where you can configure the settings to auto import transactions from another module. For         now, system will auto import invoices and receipts only. This is suitable for company with no approval. Below is the     explanation for each button: 


Auto-create accounts in chart of accounts from other modules

If you add a new customer account in CRM, and you tick this setting, system will auto create accounts in Chart of Accounts. 

Auto-create Accounting Transactions from other modules

If you tick this setting, when you finalize the invoice or receipt, system will auto create transaction in Accounting.

Auto-approve the auto-generated accounting transactions

If you tick this setting, when you finalize invoices or receipts in CRM, it will auto approve the transaction.

Fully Automate: Auto-create accounts in Chart of Accounts from Other Modules

If you tick this setting, during your mapping setup, the system will automatically create Header and Detail accounts in your Chart of Account from other modules such as Debtors, Creditors, Sales Revenue accounts and Overhead.

As an example, when you create a new Pricebook Category, the system will automatically create a new Header account under Sales Revenue for this Pricebook, while the pricebooks under this category will be created as detail account.