There are 6 steps for Account Setup settings which are:

1. Company Profile

This function enable user to setup their company profile such as Logo, Company Name, Registration Number and etc.   

2. Contact Person Information


This function enable user to setup their contact person for OfficeCentral related matters such as name, email and mobile phone.

3. Bank and Payment Information


This function  enable user to setup their bank information such as payable to (Company’s Name of Account), Bank Name and Bank Account Number.

4. Tax Information (If Applicable) 


This function enable user to setup their tax which are GST Verified date, GST Effective date and SST Verified date.  


  1. GST Verified Date: When company GST has been verified by Goverment 
  2. SST Verified Date : When company SST has been verified by Goverment
  3. GST Effective Date: When company GST are started that has been set by Goverment

5. Billing Module Setup


This function enable user to setup their Billing Module such as Customer Portal, Reference number for quotation, invoice and receipts.

Customer Portal – A customer portal is a platform that provides your customers with a single point of access to company information that is relevant to them such as quotations, invoices, and receipts and online payment. A customer portal is available 24 hours that make your customer easier to aknowledge if there are new quotation, invoice or receipt that has been sent by you. 

6. Term and Remarks

This function enable user to setup their term and remark for quotations, invoices and receipts. When this term and remark has been set, all the quotations, invoices and receipts document will be filled in automatically based on this setting.