In OfficeCentral, you can create your own ToyyibPay Account via VenturePay to receive payments from your customers through OfficeCentral.

OfficeCentral service fees of RM1.00/transaction are chargeable to your customer when payment is made (Please contact us at if you would like to bear this transaction fee instead of charging it to your customers). Please take note that any payment gateway charges are charged to you automatically by the payment gateway provider. The payment gateway charge(s) are separate from the OfficeCentral service fees.

Please enter your information below to create a new ToyyibPay Account, and automatically connect your ToyyibPay account to VenturePay and OfficeCentral. We have automatically entered the information that you have in your Company Profile - you can check or change the information as you require.

OfficeCentral User

1. To access this online payment setup, you need to go to the “Online Payment Setup" page at the bottom of the Home Page after you are login into the system.

OfficeCentral User:

To register a new VenturePay - Toyyibpay Account:

Below is the interface for the online payment setup page, Users need to fill in all the required information needed. Once you have entered your information, the system will automatically create VenturePay and ToyyibPay account for you based on the information registered and automatically connect them to your OfficeCentral account so that your customers can pay your invoices online!