In OfficeCentral, you can create your own ToyyibPay Account via VenturePay to receive payments from your customers through OfficeCentral.


OfficeCentral service fees of RM1.00/transaction are chargeable to your customer when payment is made (Please contact us at if you would like to bear this transaction fee instead of charging it to your customers). Please take note that any payment gateway charges are charged to you automatically by the payment gateway provider. The payment gateway charge(s) are separate from the OfficeCentral service fees.


Please enter your information below to create a new ToyyibPay Account, and automatically connect your ToyyibPay account to VenturePay and OfficeCentral. We have automatically entered the information that you have in your Company Profile - you can check or change the information as you require.


B2B Portal User


1. To access this online payment setup, on the home page, you need to go to the “Process Order" > "Setup" > "Setup Online Payment"  page.

B2B Portal User:



Before we proceed with the registration, If you already have the Toyyibpay Account, You only need to insert your secret key and category code in order to activate the online payment.


Here are the steps:




To register a new Toyyibpay Account:

Below is the interface for the online payment setup page, Users need to fill in all the required information needed. Otherwise, the system will not allow the user to proceed with the setup.


Page Description:




The username that the user would like to use for ToyyibPay.

Full Name

Enter the full name to create an account with Toyyibpay. Users can use the company name or personal name to create Toyyibpay Account.


Enter email address (


Enter the password for Toyyibpay Account. Must be a minimum of 8 characters.


Enter phone number


Select the bank, where the users would like Toyyibpay to send the collected payments. (Maybank2U, CIMB Bank, Bank Islam, etc..)

Account Number

Enter bank account number

Account Holder Name

Enter the bank account holder name

Registration Number

1. Enter Company's registration number.
2. If the users register under their own personal name, enter the user's MyKad or identification number here.
(Identification number must be the same with identification number used to open the bank account)


Once all the required information has been filled in, click the "Submit" button to proceed with the registration.





If you already have ToyyibPay Account

Click the "Click Here" button if the users already have a Toyyibpay account. 



Activate Toyyibpay Account



Toyyibpay Secret Key

ToyyibPay Secret Key is a randomly generated text of 36 characters. Please copy this secret key directly from your ToyyibPay account and paste it here to avoid any mistakes/errors.

ToyyibPay Category Code

ToyyibPay Secret Key is a randomly generated text of 8 characters. Please copy this code directly from your ToyyibPay account and paste it here to avoid any mistakes/errors.