Enroll New Staff

After setting up your device, we can now enrol a new user into the device.

If you have multiple devices, each staff must be registered to every device if they are to check in using all devices.

Enrolment Steps

Before proceeding, please ensure the staff is available as he / she will need to scan his / her thumbprint in the later steps.

To enroll a staff, from the Home Screen, press on “Menu”.

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Select “Users”.

Select “Enrol”.

Fill in the ID and the Name of the staff.

If you would like to integrate with VentureAPI and OfficeCentral, ensure that the ID field matches the Staff ID of the staff in OfficeCentral to ensure smooth integration.


Select “Finger”.

The staff should then place his / her finger onto the fingerprint scanner. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the enrolment.

After completing the enrolment for a staff, press “ESC” to return to the home screen.

Ensure that the staff can sign in by scanning his / her fingerprint at the home screen.


7. Online Portal: Synchronize Device Users with Online Portal