RealtimeGlogOut webhook will be fired each time an 'OUT' event happens on the VFADA device.

Property nameTypeDescriptionExample
fadaDeviceUserIdstringThe user ID of the person on the device."5412"
namestringThe name of the person as recorded in online portal."Ahmad Abu"
externalUserIdstringThe External User ID of the person as recorded in online portal."21775"
How the user checked OUT.
1 for thumbrint.
ioModenumber1 for IN, 2 for OUT2
ioModeTextstring"IN" for IN, "OUT" for OUT"OUT"
ioTimestringDate and time of the event"2023-08-10T12:59:16"
ioTimeRawstringDate and time of the event with no formatting."20230810125916"

Example Payload:

    "name":"AHMAD ABU",