OfficeCentral Procurement

Does module Procurement in OfficeCentral able to import old invoices into the system?
Answer: For your information, module Procurement in OfficeCentral cannot import old invoice. User must create Purchase Order first to generate an invoice in...
Thu, 21 Jan, 2021 at 1:06 PM
Can 'Purchase Application' be duplicated to be sent to the same supplier but at different times?
Answer: For your information,  in the Purchase Application there is no function that can be duplicated directly. You must create manually by your own in thi...
Thu, 21 Jan, 2021 at 3:42 PM
Will any of the transactions in the 'Procurement' module be updated directly in the 'Accounting' and in 'Pricebook' module?
Answer : For your information there is no auto update directly to Accounting Module and Pricebook Module. In module Procurement, there is "Received Inv...
Thu, 21 Jan, 2021 at 4:00 PM